SQUADM Technologies Pvt. Ltd., offers Publishers niche CPM, CPC, CPV banner and pop ad campaigns, be it site by site , just RON, branding campaigns, all campaigns are paid on fixed CPM pricing model with open budgets. Be it you are direct publisher or individual site owners, you can hand pick huge budget campaigns.

SQUADM Technologies Pvt. Ltd., uses various third party ad servers like ZEDO, OPENX, APPNEXUS, INHOUSE ad servers in order to support and upload all possible ad campaigns and meet advertisers demand and be top in advanced media analytics and execution.

Some of the key tips why we are strong in ONLINE and MOBILE ad marketplace
  • * Publisher team works with publishers of all sizes, from large websites to small individually owned website.
  • * Relationships with individual advertiser, DSPs Ad Agencies/networks, Ad exchanges.
  • * Brand Safe advertisers
  • * One on one advertisers, each advertiser is defined in before
  • * Long time relationship
  • * Dedicated account managers
  • * All ad campaigns are CPM, CPC, CPV pricing models,
  • * No hassle of rev shares, CPA,CPS,CPL based campaigns.
  • * Huge budget campaigns, some are paid every day.
  • * Dedicated Account Management
  • * Good customer support.
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