SQUADM Technologies Pvt. Ltd., deals with individual and group advertisers and offers advertisers with the necessary targeting and optimization tools with dedicated account managers in order to launch ad campaigns round the globe, with this huge internet and smart phones ad marketplace, we help advertisers in monetizing their ad campaigns, we can make reach large volume of online and mobile audience round the globe and work towards achieving the end goal of ad campaign which is finally ROI (return on investment).

Some of the key tips why we are strong in ONLINE and MOBILE ad marketplace
  • * Lower the CPM rate Higher the Quality and Quantity
  • * No minimum budget limits for a test run
  • * All IAB ad formats/sizes accepted
  • * We hand pick the website as per the campaign demands
  • * We have niche global traffic which is already been tested and quarantined
  • * Brand safe online and mobile traffic.
  • * Each individual account manager is experienced and help with all media tools in optimizing the ad campaigns.
  • * Every campaign is optimized with proper media tools to generate the highest ROI.
  • * All advertiser campaigns are accepted be it branding, conversion or ROI driven, WW(World Wide targeting), Geo targeting, Demo targeting, Day parting, Gender target, Age target, Browser target, Operator wise targeting , carrier wise targeting, RON, ROS.
  • * Our pricing model is CPM, CPC, CPV, coz we hand pick websites and pay fixed rates to individual site owners.
  • * Real time stats and results
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